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03.11- 18.12.2005
Paris: La Fondation Custodia / Institut Néerlandais at the Hôtel Tugot
Cadres revisités // Frames Revisited. Chefs-d'oeuvre de la photography néerlandaise dans les cadres anciens de la Collection Frits Lugt
<!-- exhibition>
010117 1713 (jenice) Gerald Van Der Kaap
010117 1713 (jenice), 2001
Casetta frame, Italy, 16th century style
After Paris the exhibition will travel to the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem.

16.09- 29.10.2005
Brussels: Aeroplastics Contemporary
Oracle of Truth <!-- exhibition>
Hover Hover Gerald Van Der Kaap
Hover Hover(Room 16), v.2.0, ca.1991
Instal.view Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

15.09.2005 19:54 hrs
Amsterdam: Museumplein
Boys (A Capella Remix) @ Pleinmuseum
Boys (A Capella Remix)
Spin-off from Kaap's infamous DJ/VJ remix of Bach's 'St.Matthew Passion' in 2003

Amsterdam: Club 11

09.09.2004 -16:00 u - onthulling
Alphen aan den Rijn: Theater Castellum (gevel Rijnzijde)
•$4 ik heb een navelpiercing $0 MANDY..• $12 MIRANDA HVJ NTB :) HEEL ERG SEXY HE PINDA :p <!-- project>
Mandy Mandy 2005.
5 x 10 m, installation view
Theater Castellum, Alphen

A 5-by-11-meter photoprint mounted on the facade of the new theatre 'Castellum' (Alphen aan den Rijn). It's the first in a series of stills from an imaginary movie.

"When I was first asked to do this assignment, they asked me to make a work of art that would reflect the city's history. 'Something to do with the Romans,' they told me. But I wanted to make something about this small city's future. So I did two photoshoots working together with kids from the Youth Theatre School. They were between 12 and 14 years old. They played out themselves, hanging out, having fun, thinking, dreaming. On the banks of the river. They climbed a tree. It all happened very natural. Mandy had come back for the shoot from a camping holiday. Speedboats are really cool, she told me. So now she is a 12-year-old Cleopatra watching boats passing by on the Rhine river."

15.06- 21.08.2005
Altkirch (F): CRAC Alsace
The Suspended Moment / Le temps suspendu <!-- exhibition>
Kaap: The Suspended Moment Gerald Van Der Kaap
030516 1503 (cloud) (left)
030519 1202 (boy with cup) (right)
H & F Collection,Barcelona
"We are pleased this year to show some of the extraordinary pieces from the prestigious H&F collection belonging to the Dutch writer Han Nefkens. Most of the works we have selected are recent creations by artists with solid international careers."

Artists : Victor Boullet (NW), Angela Bulloch (UK), Felix Gonzalez-Torres (Cuba), Thomas Rentmeister (D), Sam Taylor-Wood (USA), Roni Horn (USA), Otto Berchem (NL), Bernard Frize (F), Karin Sander (D), Naoya Hatakeyama (JAP), Jeff Wall (Canada), Paul Kooiker (NL), Jörg Sasse (D), Hrafnkell Sigurdsson (Isl), Diane Thater (USA), Fabien Rigobert (F), Gerald Van Der Kaap (NL), Erwin Wurm (AU).  .

After the presentation in Altkirch, the exhibition will travel to MARCO (Vigo), TADU (Bangkok), Z33 (Hasselt/ Belgium) and the Centraal Museum Utrecht. Catalogue available.

Amsterdam: Club 11

Amsterdam: Club 11

21.04- 22.05.2005
Bari (Italy): Castello Svevo di Bari
Crysalis - teoria dell’evoluzione <!-- exhibition>
jump cut (detail) Gerald Van Der Kaap
001129 1529 (jump cut) <!--detail-->
58 x 40 cm
Catalogue available.

Amsterdam-Noord: Bredero College
Merve, Hoilin & Xaviera <!-- project>
15.09.02_17:10 Merve, Hoilin & Xaviera. 2005.
5 x 11 m, installation view
Bredero College, Amsterdam

Van Der Kaap photographs highschool students in and around their school, at their homes, on the street. The final work is a giant print (5 x 11 m) mounted on the outside wall of the school. The picture above shows the sixth in this series: Merve, Hoilin & Xaviera. The project will will consist of ten different portraits in total.

See more at www.geraldvanderkaap.com/bredero

Amsterdam: Club 11

26.03- 08.05.2005
Chicago: The Art Institute of Chicago
In Sight: Contemporary Dutch Photography from the Collection of the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam <!-- exhibition>
The Artist at the Age of 7, 1985 Xiada (Girls' Dorm), Xiamen, 2002 Gerald Van Der Kaap
The Artist at the Age of 7, 1985 (left)
Xiada (Girls' Dorm), Xiamen, 2002 (right)
Coll. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Just under a hundred photo works from the collection of the Stedelijk Museum are to be seen in the Chicago Art Institute beginning March 26. Contemporary Dutch photography is central to this exhibition. This will be the first time that there has been such an extensive exhibition on this subject in the United States.

The exhibition ‘In Sight: Contemporary Dutch Photography from the Collection of the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam’ in Chicago concentrates on the work of a select group of photographers who are vital to the image of Dutch photography. This core consists of Hans Aarsman, Wout Berger, Wijnanda Deroo, Rineke Dijkstra, Gerald van der Kaap, Bertien van Manen, and Hans van der Meer. Their work represents a wide range of approaches that advance the meaningful deepening of important contemporary photographic trends and genres.

Alongside this core of seven photographers, the exhibition samples the work of others - especially those of the younger generation-who have shown themselves inspired anew through various genres and approaches such as the portrait, landscape, social analysis, and research into the documentary significance of the photographic image. They include Celine van Balen, Koos Breukel, Elspeth Diederix, Marnix Goossens, Juul Hondius and Hellen van Meene. Catalogue available.

Amsterdam: Club 11

26.02- 08.05.2005
Den Haag: Gemeentemuseum
H x B x D = <!-- exhibition>
Fang & Limei (Kiss) Gerald Van Der Kaap
Fang & Limei (Kiss), Xiamen, 2002
Rabo Art Collection
The Rabo Art Collection. Catalogue available.

19.02- 26.03.2005
Brussels: Vlaams Nederlands Huis deBuren
Halte Brussel <!-- exhibition>
Low Speed Line Gerald Van Der Kaap
Wewei (Track), Xiamen, 2002
Coll. Atelier HSL
Curated by Atelier HSL (High Speed Line South)

Amsterdam: Club 11

Amsterdam: Paradiso
The Biggest Visual Power Show

14.12.2004 - 28.02.2005
Prague: Galerie Rakouského kulturního fóra v Praze
Zeme-Krajina / Land-Landschaft <!-- exhibition>
This, ca. 1994 Next Nature, ca. 1994 Gerald Van Der Kaap
This, ca. 1994 (left)

Next Nature, ca. 1994 (right)
Curated by Camera Austria

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