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Rotterdam: International Film Festival Rotterdam
Sonic Genetics, 50 min. <!--world première>
Other screenings included: New York Underground Film Festival; European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück; Holland Festival, Amsterdam; Sonar 2001, Barcelona; Chicago Underground Film Festival; Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Taiwan; Perugia Film Festival;
This (Sonic Genetics) - 3rd version. 2001.
DV-Cam, 12'33"

Sonic Genetics is the successor to Sonic Fragments: The Poetics of Digital Fragmentation, an experimental programme of seven re:mix films that had its premiere during the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2000. The concept of that project was that seven directors from different artistic backgrounds would be invited to re:mix the same basic raw material to create a corpus of new work.

Sonic Genetics extended this idea to what could be considered its logical conclusion: the Sonic Fragments re:mixes are now themselves re:mixed by a new collective of five film artists: Frank Scheffer, Ian Kerkhof, Dick Tuinder, Gerald Van Der Kaap & Phillipp Virus.

In This (Sonic Genetics) Van Der Kaap talks back to the original genetic material of the project, the documentary Sonic Acts, re:mixing not its visual material, but rather its contents. He starts ridiculing Stockhausen and takes bold, anarchic sidesteps, letting the edits go astray, much to the confusion of the audience.
At one point we find ourselves in Kubrick's Dr Strangelove. The scene, in which Peter Sellars calls for Dimitri "to turn the music down", is Kaap's cue to sync an audio- mix by DJ Dimitri. In the version shown at the NYUFF , Kaap shows the whole scene, not being bothered by any rules or conventions of what sampling should or shouldn't be. As he drags us into the story of the original film, we feel something else is bound to happen. And so it does: a shameless transition of mood to a scene consisting only of words. Apparently the music has urged Kaap to take us back to his very own genetics: the Zero Zero Kaap database.

- Simon K.

27.01 - 22.04.2001
Amsterdam: Huis Marseille
Photography from the KPN Collection <!-- exhibition>
Reading Girl in Hovertime. Ca. 1991.
120x 165 cm
Coll. KPN, The Hague


29.03 - 12.05.2001
Brussels: Aeroplastics
Face Off @ Aeroplastics <!--exhibition>
faceoff@aeroplastics Two. 2000-01
58 x 40 cm each
Installation view

Browse thumbnails here: aeroplastics.html

20.04 - 21.04.2001
London: Atlantis Gallery
My Generation. 24 hrs of video art <!-- screening>
my generation. 24 hours. This (My Generation)

A Compilation, 1990-99, DVD, 70 min. & This (My Generation), 2000, S-VHS, 64 min

20.04 - 21.04.2001
Gent (B): Vooruit
A Compilation. These Are My Intentions<!-- screening>
vooruit, gent

A Compilation, 1990-99, DVD, 70 min. & This (My Generation), 2000, S-VHS, 64 min.

Basel: Stadtkino
Art Film @ Art Basel <!-- screening>
Art 31'01 Basel

A Compilation, 1990-99, DVD, 70 min.

16.06 - 19.08.2001
Winterthur: Fotomuseum Winterthur
Trade <!--exhibition>
Commodities, Communication, and Consciousness
SweetIris SweetIris, 15 Apr 99 04:04:23 +01:00
125 x 172 cm

Installation view

Catalogue published by Scalo, 288 pages
Urs Stahel/Thomas Seelig/Martin Jaeggi (Eds.)
ISBN (English) 3-908247-47-0
ISBN (German) 3-908247-53-5

07.09.2001 (until 2005)
Amsterdam-Noord: Bredero College
Janine <!--5 year project>
03.09.01_16:12 Janine. 2001.
5 x 12 m, installation view
Bredero College, Amsterdam-Noord

Van Der Kaap photographs highschool students in and around their school, at their homes, on the street. The final work is a giant print (5 x 11 m) mounted on the outside wall of the school. The picture above shows the second in this series: Janine. The project lasts for several years and will consist of ten different portraits in total.
See more at www.geraldvanderkaap.com/bredero

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