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01.06 - 31.10.2000
Hannover: World Expo 2000: Dutch Pavillion
Expo 2000: Dutch Pavillion <!--00kaap@rootlevel>>
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Iwant a permanent wave. 2000.

2 DVD's onto 4 flatscreens mounted in 'flowerpots' at the rootlevel of the building by MVRDV

Sunday 02.06.2000
Location: Supperclub, Amsterdam
State of Bliss <!--new monthly clubevent>
State of Bliss

Dimitri, DJ 100% Isis and VJ 00-KAAP have teamed up to invite you to a new, monthly (club)night of experimental sounds and visuals. Every first Sunday of the month between 19:00 and 01:00 h. Check flyers or www.stateofbliss.nl for upcoming events.

07.06 - 28.06.2000
Breda: Lokaal 01
C (Sea) <!-- exhibition>
Group show curated by Ab van Hanegem

27.07.2000 (until 2005)
Hoofddorp (NL): The Meerse Theatre
Yawning Girl <!--5 year project>
yawning girl 2000 Yawning Girl. 2000.
Inktjetprint, 12 x 19 m
De Meerse Theatre, Hoofddorp, NL

08.08 - 24.09.2000
Kyoto: National Museum of Modern Art
Still \ Moving <!-- exhibition>
A Compilation - DVD
A Compilation. 1999.
70 min., Ed. 10

Group show of Dutch photographers and filmmakers.

03.11.2000 (until 2005)
Amsterdam-Noord: Bredero College
Rashida & Jenice <!--5 year project>
03.11.00_16:12 Rashida & Jenice. 2000.
5 x 12 m
Bredero College, Amsterdam-Noord

Van Der Kaap photographs highschool students in and around their school, at their homes, on the street. The final work is a giant print (5 x 12 m) mounted on the outside wall of the school. The picture above shows the first in this series: Rashida & Jenice, two grilfriends. The project lasts for several years and will consist of ten different portraits.in total.
More at www.geraldvanderkaap.com/bredero

14.11 - 26.11.2000
Rotterdam: V2_/Nederlands Foto Instituut
DEAF_00/Machine Times <!-- exhibition>
Conceptual description 12th of Never (Author: Arjen Mulder)
A photographer defines reality as follows: anything that can be photographed is real. Photography is not a tool for duplicating reality in images, it is a tool for producing reality through images. This is not only true of traditional analog photography; it applies equally to Gerald Van Der Kaap's digital photography. According to "velocity thinker" Paul Virilio, we no longer experience a landscape we fly over in a plane as real, but our body inside the plane is very real indeed. And what strange phenomena take place in our bodies as we fly from one time zone to another! An airplane is a time machine, a machine "in between times," and digital photography is preeminently suited for recording the effects it has on our bodies.

Hilversum: VARA Broadcasting Company
Tokyo Wipe 00 ZeroZero <!--members only>
Tokyo Wipe 00 Zero Zero Tokyo Wipe 00 Zero Zero, 2000.
30 x 40 cm, Ed. 300
Fujichrome, plexiglass, wood

Produced in a limited edition of 300, Kaap made this work for VARA (a national broadcasting company) on the occasion of their 75th anniversary. Members of VARA were able to acquire the signed and numbered photograph.
Check here for available copies at the VARA website. (Dutch only)

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